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Posted on November 14, 2017 by

Can I Get Paid for Pain and Suffering as the Result of an Accident?

Have you recently fallen victim to an automobile accident? The St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to know you are entitled to more than reimbursement for your damaged vehicle and medical expenses – you may be entitled to reimbursement for pain and suffering as well.

What Pain & Suffering is Allowed by Law?
Stress you experience as a result of the accident, including:
– Physical pain.
– Any emotional pain or psychological trauma resulting in insomnia, depression, fear and anxiety.

Calculating Pain & Suffering
There is no standard way to calculate pain and suffering. Common insurance methods include:
– Multiplier Method: Total medical bills multiplied by a number from 1-5, based on injury severity.
– Per Diem: A formula based on daily suffering.
– Estimation of Generalized Cost: Generally used for more serious injuries.

Filing a Claim for Pain & Suffering
Compensation for pain and suffering is separate from lost wages and medical expenses. However to ensure compensation for the claim, you must seek medical treatment for injuries surrounding your accident!

This is the only way to document symptoms and severity of injuries: provide the medical record evidence necessary to support your claim with the insurance company, alongside OTC and prescription drug receipts, missed work/activity logs, photos, and pain journals.

Fighting for pain and suffering compensation? The St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman can help you secure your future. Contact to learn more today.