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Posted on October 24, 2017 by

Person Fleeing Police Causes Fatal Car Accident

A driver attempting to flee a Florissant police officer caused a wreck that killed one person and critically injured another. The St. Louis auto accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman know the presence of police officers does not always equate to traffic safety, and want you to be aware of associated reckless driving dangers.

Unfortunate Left Turn
Traveling south on New Halls Ferry Road, the fleeing vehicle struck a car attempting a left turn onto Sugar Pine Drive, killing the car’s passenger and sending the 21-year-old driver to the hospital with critical injuries. The Florissant police had identified the vehicle as suspicious and were following at a distance. The 19-year-old driver was taken into custody at the scene, suffering only minor injuries.

Tips On Avoiding Aggressive Drivers
* Pay close attention to what’s happening around you at all times.
* Get out of the way, staying clear of speeding, swerving vehicles.
* Remain relaxed and calm to arrive safely at your destination.
* Don’t make eye contact with, gesture to, or otherwise challenge aggressive drivers.
* Realize drivers may be late, responding to an emergency, or simply distracted – aggressive tactics may not be directed at you.

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