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Posted on July 4, 2019 by

How Is A Personal Injury Attorney Compensated for Taking My Case?

There are so many personal injury cases in the St. Louis area that are never filed. The number one reason for that is because people don't think they can afford a lawyer. They assume that any compensation they would receive would only go toward the attorney's fees. We want you to know that is not the case at all. Let's look at why. 

You Deserve a Free Consultation

When people believe they have a valid personal injury case, they should always bring it to a lawyer who can confirm that. It should not cost anything to sit down and have a conversation with an attorney. They should take the time to listen to the victim's story, and they should be experienced enough to know whether or not the case should be pursued legally. 

Attorney Compensation

While this isn't true for every attorney, most who specialize in personal injury law don't require any form of upfront payment for their services. What's more, they only get paid when they win the case and you receive compensation. Their fee will be taken out of the amount you are awarded. 

Hiring St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we always provide free consultations. We're only compensated when you are, and that means you have professionals on your side who will fight hard for your case. 

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