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Posted on December 24, 2015 by

Personal Injury Claim and Litigation Tips

Many times, an accident is minor and no further action is needed beyond calling the police and going to the hospital. With these, you can choose to handle them yourself. Accidents where there is severe injury or death should be handled with one of our experienced St. Louis personal injury attorneys.

This is about the accidents you wish to handle on your own. There are common mistakes accident victims make when choosing to deal with it themselves.

  • Giving a recorded statement: Regardless of what insurance companies say, it is not necessary to give a recorded statement and may actually hurt your case as they can use it against you.
  • Demanding too much or too little: These can both be damaging because it can show you’re unaware of the true value of your case. Know the laws and how much you should ask for.
  • Making the assumption that the system makes sense: Because the law changes so much, it does not always make sense. Do your research so you won’t get shorthanded.
  • Taking a “final offer” from the insurance company: You CAN push for more money, even after an offer.
  • Settling without knowing the extent of injuries: Gather all medical bills, records and even written letters from doctors. Be prepared.

These are some of the common mistakes made. Hiring one of your St. Louis personal injury attorneys can help you avoid these mistakes. Call us today!