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Posted on February 19, 2019 by

Personal Injury Demand Letters – Tips on How Much to Request

If you have never been through a personal injury case before, it can be difficult to know where to begin. It all starts with your demand letter. But this is a place where a lot of people get stuck. They don’t know how much to ask for in compensation because of their injuries. We can help you with that.

What is a Personal Injury Demand Letter?

Your demand letter is what you send to the other individual or company involved in your case. It includes the amount of money you are seeking in exchange for releasing any liability. Resolving your case means coming up with the right number, but how do you know what that number is?

Calculating Your Settlement Amount

You will want to include details about your injuries in your letter. This involves discussing any time missed from work, lost wages, medical bills and anything else that may be relevant. Try not to make the number too high. If it is, the insurance company will not take you seriously.

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

The best way to navigate your demand letter is to work with St. Louis personal injury attorneys. They understand how to calculate out how much your case is worth, and what you should ask for in your letter. You will have a more solid case this way, and your lawsuit will move forward with fewer delays.