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Posted on July 12, 2018 by

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Actions Explained

How much do you know about personal injury law? If you’re injured in St. Louis, you deserve excellent legal representation. We’d like to take a moment and explain how the process works.

What it Means to Have a Personal Injury Case

You may have a personal injury case if you’re injured because of the actions of another person or business. This might mean being in a car accident, slipping and falling in a public place, or getting bitten by a dog. There are all kinds of personal injury cases that you have the right to seek compensation.

What is a Formal Lawsuit?

A formal lawsuit means that you have filed a complaint against another person or business. You believe they acted in an irresponsible or negligent way, and it resulted in your harm. This is also called filing a lawsuit.

What is an Informal Settlement?

This is the way that most personal injury cases are resolved. Most of them never go to court. Instead, the defendant will offer an amount of money as an informal settlement. A negotiation takes place until both sides are satisfied with the outcome.

St. Louis personal injury attorneys are specifically trained to represent their clients in these types of cases. If you’re the victim of any type of accident, you need professional help to fight for the compensation you deserve. Please contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys for help.