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Posted on April 30, 2020 by

Postal Service Has Been Firing Employees Who Get Injured – Know Your Rights

Most people assume that if they get hurt on the job, they'll file a workers' comp claim and get paid while they heal at home. That hasn't been the case for 44,000 postal service employees. These individuals have reported that they have been injured while they were working and as a result, USPS let them go. This is wrong on so many levels, both morally and legally. 

Problems in the United States Postal Service

Over a five-year period, tens of thousands of postal service employees have either been fired or they've felt pressured to resign because of what they claim is a program that has targeted people with work-related injuries. It was also found that more than 15,000 employees have been affected because the USPS changed their work duties and accommodations. 

A class action complaint was filed, but the Postal Service continues to fight it. The program was ended in 2011, and yet, people are still being impacted by it. The USPS is determined to contest every complaint, which is a process that could drag the case out for years. 

Talk With St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys About Your Case

Perhaps you were an employee with the USPS, or maybe you have a different type of workers' comp case. Either way, you need to have excellent legal advice to navigate through this difficult time. Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys are here to help. Contact us.