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Posted on October 22, 2019 by

Product Liability Lawsuit on Earplugs Proceeds in Missouri

Defective products can cause a lot of harm. When most companies learn about a problem with their product, there's a recall and the situation is rectified. But that's not what happened when a company sold earplugs to the United States military, even after they knew they were defective. 

Defective Earplugs Led to Injury and Legal Action

3M Company was the name of the business that sold the earplugs to the military, and they were purchased for more than ten years. The use of these earplugs has resulted in thousands of soldiers experiencing hearing problems. Many reports came in of hearing loss, tinnitus and other issues. 

The government alleged that 3M knew their earplugs were defective, and yet they did nothing to change them. They also never alerted the military that there were problems. It was later discovered that 3M ignored testing results that proved they were defective. 

Your St. Louis Defective Product Attorneys

Many lawsuits were filed against 3M for their role in covering up the defective nature of their product. A settlement of more than $9 million was reached between them and the U.S. military. But so many people are still suffering. 

If you have been made a victim because of using a defective product, your St. Louis defective product attorneys can help you. The pain and suffering that can result should be compensated. Please contact us right away.