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Posted on February 6, 2018 by

What Are the Rules for Property Owners on Sidewalk Clearing in Snow?

After a recent news report regarding liability in injury claims involving snow-shoveled sidewalks, the St. Louis slip and fall attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman have witnessed a lot of confusion.

To Shovel or Not to Shovel, that is the Question
A Fox4 report stating homeowners who clear snow from sidewalks could be more at-risk of litigation than if they left the sidewalks alone has Missouri residents scratching their heads. What’s a concerned citizen to do?

What You’re Actually Responsible For
Based on Missouri state law, most cities require citizens to clear public sidewalks adjoining public streets along their property within a reasonable amount of time after snow/ice storms depart.

If You Shovel those Sidewalks & Somebody Falls…
If you used reasonable care in your cleaning/shoveling practices, you are at-risk of no additional legal liability. (No OCD/superhuman cleaning effort required.)

When Might You Be Liable?
If you cleared the area, leaving a slippery sheet of ice without sanding/salting it, or just leave the sidewalk to Father Time or Mother Nature to clear, you could likewise be liable.

Looking for a Little More Clarity?
You can find the requirements for your own city on its website, by simply searching the ‘city code’ section, or contacting your city hall for clarification.

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