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Posted on March 20, 2014 by

School Bus Collision Halts Traffic On I-44 In St. Louis

The wintry weather continues, causing all kinds of traffic problems for everyone during the morning commute. It’s not surprising that a school bus and a car collided this week on I-44 in St. Louis, according to an article on the website.

Although the article doesn’t specify whether or not the weather was definitely a factor in the accident, it’s important for all motorists to remember to exercise extreme caution during this time of year. Unpredictable snow squalls can cause an instant decrease in visibility, and black ice can be impossible to see at times.

Fortunately, only two people were injured because of the crash, and only one person required being taken to the hospital because of his injuries.

Although the weather is a factor in car accidents during this time of year, reckless driving in these conditions plays a role as well. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident recently, it’s important that you contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney right away. Getting the compensation you deserve can be nearly impossible on your own, and your attorney will ensure that you get what you deserve for your injuries.

Remember, after an accident, you could suffer a loss of wages, as well as months or even years of pain and suffering. Your attorney has the experience you need to fight on your behalf.