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Posted on March 26, 2020 by

Self Driving Cars: Here’s What You Should Know

The newest innovation in the automotive industry is the self-driving car. Many see computer-controlled cars as the next step in vehicular evolution.

Despite what you may believe, they are not without fault. Despite the fact that computers are incapable of being distracted by any human shortcomings, they have the same capacity to glitch as a laptop computer.

As of 2019, the autonomous car was legal in twenty-nine states. In 2018 California saw 88 accidents involving automated cars. So the question remains, what do you do in the event of an accident when the driver is at the mercy of their computer?

The simple answer, exchange information. If there is any possibility of an injury call 911 and request an ambulance. Otherwise, you can call the local police department and have an officer come out to file an accident report. Your insurance company will need the report to process your claim.

But then the issue of fault still remains when a computer was driving one of the cars. At the moment that seems to be a legal gray area left to be sorted by your St. Louis roadway accident attorneys. There have been some legal precedents set with car companies accepting responsibility for their products, but don’t count on that as a rule.

With the help of your St. Louis roadway accident attorneys the accident can be sorted out with your best interest taking priority.