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Posted on June 22, 2017 by

Semi Truck and Motorcycle Collide Causing Fatality of St. Louis Man

A 56-year-old St. Louis man was killed in April when a tractor-trailer hit the motorcycle he was riding. Struck by a 2016 Freightliner moving north on Carpers Pike, the driver, 58-year-old Odilon Reyes, was unable to stop his vehicle despite crossing both lanes of the highway. The deadly crash highlights the need for increased awareness when driving around semis to prevent these all-too-common tractor-trailer accidents.

The driver claimed his brakes had failed, but was subsequently charged with reckless driving. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crash, and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit of the Virginia State Police is inspecting the truck to corroborate the story.

How Can You Avoid Danger?

  • Be hyper-vigilant of large trucks around you.
  • Stay out of the “No-Zones” – blind spots in the front/back/sides where drivers cannot see you. (If you can’t see a truck’s mirror – its driver can’t see you.)
  • When passing, wait until you see the front of the truck in your rearview before pulling in-front.
  • Use only turn signals – not flashing lights – to indicate lane changes.
  • Never swerve in front of or force trucks to a sudden stop. (An 80,000-pound truck takes a long distance to stop!)
  • Never “squeeze by” when truckers are attempting a wide turn.

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