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Posted on March 19, 2019 by

What to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents and Litigation

Slips and falls are extremely common in St. Louis, and we have handled a countless number of these cases. Still, there is so much that people don't know about them. There's nothing about them that is cut and dry, so we thought we should take this opportunity to provide you with some useful information. 

Slipping and Falling in a Store

This is probably one of the most typical scenarios. In order to win a case like this, the victim has to prove that the store was negligent, and that their negligence caused the accident. It's not easy to do, but with the right attorney, it is possible. 

Slipping and Falling in a Friend's Home

Just like with a business, homeowners have the responsibility to let people know of issues that might lead to a slip and fall. If they don't, and an accident occurs, it may be grounds for a lawsuit. Of course, these situations are usually handled privately. 

What Type of Compensation Should be Expected?

Our highly qualified St. Louis personal injury attorneys will tell you that compensation varies. Every situation is different, which is why it's important to talk with a professional, and not attempt to handle the case yourself. 

If you have been in a slip and fall, talking with experienced St. Louis personal injury attorneys is the key. We can help you through it. Contact us!