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Posted on December 12, 2019 by

What to Know About Slip and Fall Retail Store Injury Cases

If you've been injured because of a slip and fall in a retail store, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them for negligence. But there are several things that you'll want to keep in mind before you file, as well as during the entire process. We'd like to provide you with some information that you'll need. 

Get Medical Attention Immediately

The reality is that slips and falls can and often do lead to injuries. But it's not uncommon for those injuries not to surface for days, weeks, or even months later. It's very important to get the medical treatment you need if you have been in a slip and fall accident. 

Get Witnesses' Contact Information

Even though the slip and fall was probably caught on camera (which is footage you should use), the more proof you have of your injury, the better. Make sure to get contact information for as many witnesses as you can. 

Don't Wait Too Long to File

There's a statute of limitations, and you don't want that to expire. Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys have seen so many cases get dismissed because they were filed too long after the accident occurred.  

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, "slip and fall accidents" is an area we specialize in. We will fight hard to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Please contact us.