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Posted on September 7, 2017 by

Speeding SUV Flies Onto Roof of Home Causing Serious Injury

Recently released photos of an SUV atop the roof a house have even the St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman scratching our heads. Apparently propelled into the air after the driver lost control of the vehicle, Michael Arras, Deputy Chief of Special Ops at the St. Louis Fire Department, noted it was like nothing he’d ever encountered.

Steep Incline of Homeowner’s Lawn Led to Launch
As the driver sped around the corner, he lost control, ascending the Missouri home’s front lawn like a ramp to land on the roof. Aided by ladder trucks and removed from under the dash by first responders, the driver was transported to the hospital, alert and responsive, but in critical condition.

Not the First Incident
The home’s owner, 66 year-old Bruce Redding, was at the gym at the time of the incident. Unfortunately his modest home, recently paid off, now suffers extensive damage. He and his neighbor, whose home was also affected, are now looking to insurance to cover repairs.

Redding noted this was not the first time he or his neighbors have suffered at the hands of careless drivers, whose antics frequently damage yards and street-parked cars. The city has yet to install speed bumps or other measures to prevent incidents.

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