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Posted on April 17, 2012 by

Springfield Man Fatally Injured in a Rolla Missouri Accident

The Rolla Daily News reported April 13, 2012 on an auto accident on Interstate 44 that resulted in fatal injuries. The state police are not sure if the inclement weather that day acted as a cause of the accident but it was definitely contributed to many others that day.

State trooper Sgt. Dan Crain described the day as one that saw wreck after wreck. He advised to always stay a safe distance behind cars when the weather is bad and drive at a reduced speed. Inclement weather can lead to many accidents that could have been avoided if the above simple steps are taken. There are many St. Louis auto accidents caused by impatient and sometimes distracted drivers.

These accidents may not always be fatal but they can cause serious injuries that require months of rehabilitation and leave you in debt to Doctors and physical therapists. A person causing an auto accident must be held accountable for your injuries and the financial and emotional damage that they have caused. Any St. Louis auto accident victim should contact the legal experts at Hoffman & Gelfman to find out the best course of action to follow after being involved in an accident caused by another driver.