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Posted on August 1, 2019 by

St. Louis Attorney for Birth Injuries – What to Know

Birth injuries can be devastating for families and they have a direct impact on their emotional and financial well-being. What many parents don’t realize is that the injuries their child sustained may have been preventable. That is, the medical staff was at fault for them. Even the best doctors can make mistakes during delivery, but when they do, there are typically serious consequences.

What are Birth Injuries?

A birth injury is very different from a birth defect. When a baby is injured at birth, it’s always because of negligent treatment. Birth defects cannot be avoided, even with the best possible treatment.

Some examples of birth injuries include:

• Broken bones

• Brain damage

• Paralysis

• Cerebral palsy

• Spinal cord damage

To make matters worse, sometimes hospital staff will destroy the evidence that a birth injury has occurred. This, of course, is illegal, and it’s why victims need to have experienced St. Louis birth injury attorneys on their side.

Working With a St. Louis Birth Injury Attorney

It’s very important to contact your St. Louis birth injury attorneys right away if your baby was injured during birth. Many parents don’t realize their rights, and if they do, they often try to take on these cases by themselves.

You deserve to have quality legal counsel during this difficult and challenging time. We’ll work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve for all that you’ve been through. Contact us.