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Posted on October 22, 2015 by

St. Louis County Teen Shot to Death

We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. We teach them how to handle conflict, hoping they can appropriately handle it when it comes their way. Some people decide to handle conflict with violence, causing injury or death.

On September 30, 19-year old Sean Engel was shot and killed. Engel, who lived in Walnut Point Court, was found in his crashed Mini Cooper, unconscious, around 10:30 pm. Engel had gunshot wounds to his face and his side. Jamar H. Mack, an acquaintance of Engel, admitted to shooting him during a struggle that he and Engel had during a dispute that evening. According to witnesses, a gunshot was heard, followed by a struggle. Witnesses say that Mack told Engel to “give it up” and more shots were fired. Engel got in his car, attempting to get away, but crashed it.

Upon examining the scene, police found a wallet with a large sum of money, which had blood on it, on the floorboard of the car. While police were chasing Mack, he threw a gun. Police recovered the gun. When they caught Mack, not only did he match the description given by witnesses, but he had blood on him. Mack has been charged with several charges, including first-degree murder and attempted robbery.

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