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Posted on October 7, 2014 by

St. Louis Man Dies After Losing Control of His Car

Imagine a situation where you’re watering your lawn on a warm, autumn day. Your children are playing in the front yard, and your neighborhood is serene. Suddenly, a car speeds down your street, and the driver seems out of control. You watch in horror as his vehicle crashes, and you’re thankful that he somehow managed to avoid hitting you or one of your children.

This was the situation that occurred in St. Louis this week when one man crashed his car into a pole, and then into a tree, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website. Authorities reported the accident took place around three o’clock in the afternoon, and they speculated the he was driving at a very high rate of speed. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and no one else was injured. An investigation is ongoing.

While you always do your best to keep your family safe, sometimes it’s impossible, especially in cases like this one. Fortunately, no one else was hurt, but this incident could have ended much worse. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want to caution you to remain aware of dangerous situations, even when your kids are quietly playing in your yard.

If you or a family member is ever injured in an accident, it is important for you to contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys right away.