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Posted on October 14, 2014 by

St. Louis Shootings Result in Nine People Being Wounded

There has been an increase in violent crime in St. Louis in recent weeks, and in addition to the fights that have broken out during rallies and protests, the number of shootings that have taken place have been at an all-time high.

While no one was immediately killed, according to an article on the local CBS affiliate website nine people were wounded in a series of shootings in St. Louis. The shootings took place in three separate events, and a four-year-old child was among the victims.

One of the shootings involved a vehicle crashing into a St. Louis business in the Soulard area. One of the men who were in the car at that time has passed away. The others remain in stable condition.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we want to remind you of the violence that is prevalent in certain areas of St. Louis right now. It’s important to use extreme caution when you’re driving, especially at night. If possible, try to limit your nighttime traveling to make sure you and your family members stay safe.

However, some violent encounters aren’t able to be avoided. If you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, and you’re injured, please remember that your rights are important. A St. Louis personal injury attorney who is experienced in that area of the law is your best option to help you get the compensation you deserve.