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Posted on July 4, 2013 by

St. Louis Truck Accident on I-44 Injures 3 People

In a St. Louis truck accident earlier this week, a tractor trailer rear-ended a car on I-44, triggering a chain reaction involving two additional cars. The truck driver was unable to stop when traffic slowed, plowing into the car in front of him and then hitting two more cars before crashing in a ditch. The accident closed I-44 for several hours. The truck driver was not injured, but three people in the cars were transported to the hospital, two with serious injuries.

Last month another St. Louis truck accident killed both drivers when a tractor trailer and an SUV collided at the intersection of South Broadway and River City Casino Boulevard in South St. Louis. After the collision the truck plowed through two power poles and hit a fence before coming to a stop after the accident. Police are investigating the accident but early reports indicate that one of the drivers may have run a red light.

Violent collisions between tractor trailer trucks and cars usually result in serious injuries and extensive vehicle damage. Cars are no match for large, heavy 18-wheelers. People injured in St. Louis truck accidents typically suffer serious injuries that require surgery, rehabilitative therapy and nursing care, sometimes for months after the accident. Severe injuries can cause permanent disability, saddling accident victims with life-long medical expenses and threatening their family’s financial security.

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