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Posted on April 7, 2016 by

St. Louis Woman and Other Victims Injured at the Hands of Cosmetic Surgeon in Florida

While cosmetic surgery includes elective procedures in most cases, many people opt for them because they want to improve their appearances. One doctor in Miami is being cited for seriously injuring several women after performing liposuction and what he calls a Brazilian Butt Lift.

According to the article in the Miami Herald, the doctor performs the procedure by taking excess fat from the patient’s stomach area, and then injecting it into the buttocks. The St. Louis patient who was harmed by this procedure states that she feels “so stupid” for believing that everything would be better for her after the surgery. The woman was hospitalized for infections in her legs and in her back after the surgery.

Several other women were also hospitalized repeatedly after their surgeries took place. Their injuries included kidney failure, respiratory failure, and several types of infections. A few of them even reported that some of their internal organs were torn during the procedure.

The doctor was unavailable to these women after their surgeries, which all occurred over the span of just a few days. They are all seeking malpractice cases, and the State of Florida is in the process of revoking his license.

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