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Posted on March 27, 2018 by

First Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

In a perfect world, employers go to great lengths to keep their workers safe on the job. Of course, we all know that accidents do happen. If you’re involved in a workplace incident, you need to know your rights, and it’s important to know how you should proceed.

Steps to Take if You’re Injured at Work

First and foremost, your supervisor should respond quickly if you’re hurt at work. Even if an injury seems relatively minor, there could be more going on than meets the eye. You’ll want to take the following steps:

– Report the injury immediately. Don’t wait, because this could hurt your case later on.

– Fill out an injury report. Every place of employment needs to have these on hand.

– Get immediate medical treatment. You might think your injury isn’t a big deal, but a doctor could find otherwise. See a physician immediately to be sure you’re OK.

– If needed, contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer for help getting compensated.

How Working With an Attorney Can Help You

You’d like to think your employer would be fair about compensating you after an injury. It doesn’t always work that way. More often than not, injured workers need the help of a qualified St. Louis personal injury lawyer on their side.

Your life changes drastically after a work-related injury. You can trust your St. Louis personal injury lawyer to fight for what you deserve.