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Posted on December 16, 2014 by

There Is Help When You Suspect Malpractice at a Nursing Home

With the demand for long term care facilities increasing each year, there are numerous companies going into the nursing home business. The vast majority of employees at these facilities are dedicated and caring individuals. But, unfortunately, many are overworked and under-trained. This leads to inadequate or substandard care for some of the residents of these facilities. If you suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, help is available.

You should contact a St. Louis nursing home malpractice attorney if you believe a loved one has been suffered any of the following elder abuses:

Physical assault

Rough handling, assault, rape, unnecessary use of restraints, or improper touching. These physical assaults do more than cause bodily harm, they can lead to serious emotional and mental distress.

Verbal abuse

Threats, sexual coercion, lack of attention, ignoring, insults. Your family members deserve, and are entitled to, attentive and compassionate care.


Failure to assist with meals, failure to change bedpans or diapers, unsanitary conditions, insufficient bathing, improper position in bed. Various forms of negligence are the most common type of nursing home abuse. The negligent party needs to be brought to justice.

To find out your legal options, contact Hoffman & Gelfman. There is no charge to discuss your loved one’s situation and you best course of action.