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Posted on August 17, 2020 by

Talc Powder Victims: How & Where to Take Legal Action

The talc powder that Johnson & Johnson marketed and sold as having the “purest protection” was found through research to contain asbestos. It is widely recognized that exposure to asbestos causes lung cancer.

The good news is that there are over 19,000 pending lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for their harmful talc powder, which means eventually the multi-billion-dollar company will pay dearly for the harm and damage their product has caused the public.

How to Take Legal Action

If you or a loved one has or had ovarian cancer, and you regularly used Johnson & Johnson talc powder, especially between the years of 1971 and the early 2000s, you have significant grounds to take action. If you feel that you have been exposed to talc powder, which has caused other forms of cancer or health problems, it’s important to get clarity about your rights and grounds from a legal provider who is experienced with these types of lawsuits.

The best way to take action is to find lawyers who will never stop fighting for your rights, who will guide you through the process of how to take action. Approach a local law firm with as much information as you can, including dates you used the talc powder, where and why you purchased the talc powder, as well as thorough medical information and documentation regarding your diagnosis and treatment.

Where to Take Legal Action

Start by consulting a law firm in your local area, and they will advise you of the best place to take legal action. It may be the best place to file a lawsuit is where you currently live. On the other hand, due to the recent reduction in verdicts based on the home state of victims during talc powder usage, you may be advised to file or join a lawsuit in another area. Again, approach a law firm with detailed information about your talc powder usage, including all the places you lived.

Most importantly, if you think you’ve been exposed to talc powder that has caused ovarian cancer, don’t wait to take legal action! You deserve to have quality lawyers protect your rights and fight for justice against massive corporate cover-ups and public harm.

An experienced talc powder and asbestos lawyer can review your case and advise you of your legal options. For more information or a free consultation, call Hoffman & Gelfman at (314) 241-1020, or contact us online.