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Posted on September 4, 2014 by

Getting a Tattoo Might not be as Safe as You Think

Getting a tattoo might be a rite of passage, but the FDA has issued a warning against various types of ink that are commonly used in tattoo parlors and do-it-yourself tattoo kits. According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, many tattoo kits have been recalled because of bacteria that has been found lurking in unopened tattoo ink bottles.

Additionally, because the problem is actually located within the ink bottles, it doesn’t matter how clean your tattoo parlor is. The most common condition that has been reported is sepsis, which occurs when bacteria from the ink travel through the bloodstream. People suffering from sepsis experience fever, chills and sweats. Those who suffer from a heart condition or a circulatory disease are at an even higher risk.

While steps are being taken to ensure that any problematic bottles of tattoo ink are removed from tattoo parlors and wholesalers, the damage might already be done. The negative effects from tattoo ink can stay dormant in the body for years.

As your St. Louis attorney, we want to encourage you to reconsider any unique symptoms you’ve been experiencing during the past few months that don’t seem to have a cause. If you have tattoos, talk with your doctor, and contact a St. Louis attorney to discuss your case and your options for compensation for your injuries.