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Posted on January 15, 2015 by

Tech that Helps to Monitor Your Parents in Assisted Living or Nursing Homes

Many people use technology to be more productive and efficient in their profession. It is now helping an increasing number of older Americans remain independent longer and easing the worry of family members who do not live with them.

GPS Tracking Systems

Technology solutions are available today that can help with some of the most common and potentially dangerous situations faced by aging adults. We have all seen the Facebook post and frequent news alerts about missing seniors. GPS tracking systems can alert family or medical personnel when a loved one has become confused or gone missing. Wearable pendants and wristbands have easily activated help buttons or can automatically make a call for help if it detects a fall and the person does not push the button themselves.

Medical Monitoring

You should contact a St. Louis nursing home abuse attorney if you suspect your loved one is not receiving the proper medical care they need. Wearable devices are available to remind users to take their medication. Medication dispensing devices can provide the appropriate dose at the preset time. Other devices can monitor a patient’s vital signs and send consistent readings to caregivers via email.

The caring and knowledgeable attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman are dedicated to protecting the rights nursing home and assisted living residents. If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact us to know your legal rights and to discuss the best course of action.