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Posted on September 30, 2014 by

Teens Drop Rock from Overpass, Critically Injure a Passerby

Remember when teenagers played relatively harmless prank like decorating trees with toilet paper? Unfortunately, some young people seek greater thrills and put other human beings at serious risk.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, a group of teens recently dropped a “football-sized” rock from a highway overpass in Pennsylvania and struck a car below—with serious, life-changing injuries inflicted on one of the passengers.

Overlooking I-80 this past July, the four men aged 17 to 18 apparently thought it would be funny or exciting to drop rocks on the vehicles below them. Of course, even a small rock could have caused significant vehicle damage ranging from major dents to a broken windshield.

A family traveling from Ohio to New York became the unfortunate victim. The large rock passed through the windshield and struck the mother of the family in the face. She has undergone a series of surgeries, including the removal of part of her brain, and has begun long-term rehab to regain her ability to eat, talk, and write.

In this sad case, the young men have been charged with crimes but the family has had to rely on charitable donations to try to cover medical expenses.

Don’t expect teenagers to start behaving better anytime soon. If someone else’s bad behavior inflicts personal harm and injury, your St. Louis personal injury attorney can help recover the real compensation you deserve.