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Posted on March 5, 2020 by

Ten Things Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists To Avoid Roadway Accidents

Motorcycles are common in most parts of the United States, but due to seasonal and atmospheric changes, they aren’t an everyday mode of transportation. Here’s a list of ten safety tips for drivers to keep in mind when motorcycles may be present.

• Double check that you aren’t missing a motorcycle because you aren’t used to them.

• Motorcycles are small and can hide in blind spots and blend into the background due to their low profile.

• Because they differ from what most drivers are used to, it can be hard to judge speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle. Proceed with caution.

• Motorcycles often downshift and coast when slowing. Allow extra stopping room.

• Because of their smaller size motorcycles can move around their lane. Be aware that this movement does not always indicate a lane shift.

• Riders may forget to turn off their signals. Be safe and double-check.

• Don’t rely on motorcyclists to be the better drivers.

• Despite being lighter, motorcycles have about the same stopping distance as cars. Keep that in mind when following.

• Treat every motorcyclist as if they were a personal friend.

• The guilt of killing a motorcyclist never fades.

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