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Posted on March 27, 2012 by

Texting While Driving = Fatal Car Crash

Texting while driving has proven to be dangerous, and in many cases, deadly, regardless of what your age is! reported on March 23, 2012 that a little boy, who was fatally injured in a car accident in St. Clair County has been identified.  Diego Rangel was riding with his mother Mindy Hoyt on March 21st when the fiery crash occurred.  Reports are that Ms. Hoyt, crossed over the center line and collided head-on into a truck that was carrying 3 people.  One person from the truck was taken by ambulance to the hospital and two others refused transport.  Four year old Diego was rescued from the burning wreck with the help of bystanders, but to no avail.  He was taken to Belleville Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  His mother was trapped in the burning vehicle until firefighters arrived with equipment to cut her from the wreckage.  She was taken to another area hospital and is in critical condition. You may read the article here.

Some states have enacted strict laws that ban all texting, hands-on cell phone usage, and other types of electronics while driving because of these types of distracted driver accidents.  In Missouri, texting is only illegal for teen drivers.  Not very logical when you consider that better laws could have prevented this 29 year old mother from being critically injured and saved the life of little Diego.

The St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman urge St. Louis drivers to use good judgment when it comes to texting while driving.  Distracted driving can cause serious life altering personal injuries to yourself, other drivers, and those you are transporting.  If you find that you are a distracted driving victim, protect your legal rights by contacting our experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyers before accepting an insurance settlement.