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Posted on April 14, 2020 by

The Coronavirus and St. Louis Workman’s Compensation Litigation

There have been a lot of questions being asked about workers’ compensation in light of the Coronavirus, and rightly so. Thre are many people who put themselves in harm’s way every single day. They deserve to know what to expect if they get exposed to the virus, or if they end up testing positive. We’d like to provide some helpful information for anyone in Missouri who may have similar questions.

What is an Occupational Illness? 

The term occupational illness is an important one during this difficult time, and we want to help people understand what it means. There are two factors that must be satisfied before any type of illness can be deemed an occupational illness:

1. It must have arisen out of or have been contracted as a direct result of a person’s employment.

2. The disease must have been caused by conditions that are peculiar to the work that was done.

If the disease or illness was contracted as a result of the employee completing work that was of direct benefit to the employer, it can be called an occupational illness. But please know that every state has its own interpretation.

Discuss Your Case With Your Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorney

You may be facing some challenging situations due to the Coronavirus, and your Missouri workers’ compensation attorney is here to help you. You deserve to be compensated, and we will fight to make that a reality.