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Posted on July 24, 2014 by

Travel Safety Warning: Accidents Can Happen Anywhere…Even Disney World

According to an article on the website, one man is missing the tips of two of his fingers after taking a ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Walt Disney World in Florida.

Officials are still unclear about how the incident took place. The ride was stopped when it happened, and it was inspected carefully to ensure that everything was operating according to standard procedure. In the Magic Kingdom, which is the Disney park where this incident happened, many of the rides contain animatronics, which are not known to malfunction.

The man was taken to an area hospital immediately after his injury occurred.

Now that summer is here, man St. Louis residents will be taking off on vacations. It’s a lot of fun to take the family to Disney World or another theme park for a long-anticipated break from the norm. Even so, while you’re away from home, accidents do happen. It’s important to follow all of the instructions that the staff provides before you ride any ride.

However, even when people follow the instructions perfectly, accidents do still happen. Roller coaster cars can break free from the track, or a ride can malfunction in a number of ways. If you’re hurt this summer while you’re on vacation, be sure to contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney as soon as possible.