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Posted on August 29, 2017 by

Truck Wheel Ornaments are a Danger to Pedestrians

Glancing over at the medieval-looking spikes on the tractor trailer idling next to you at a stoplight is not only unnerving – these spikes are dangerous and the St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman want to make you aware of the risks.

Sharp Consequences
Spikes overextending from the edges of wheel rims can come into contact with other vehicles, bicyclists, and even pedestrians in the event of collision. As nearly half of cyclists and one quarter of pedestrians killed by truck impacts involve contact with the side of the vehicle, it’s easy to see the dangers of spiky wheel ornaments.

Making a ‘Point’
Perceptions of truck drivers can also be heavily influenced by the presence of spikes, which can be seen as a distraction at best, and as a sign of aggression and intimidation at worst. Just a few of the reasons some trucking companies ban the use of spikes in efforts to promote an image of courteous, safe driving.

A Blunt Reaction
In reaction to such concerns, one state has banned “dangerous wheels,” including spikes. Hawaii’s recently passed legislation bans any wheel ornamentation extending 4 inches or more beyond the rim in efforts to reduce injury and property damage resulting from truck accidents.

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