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Posted on May 6, 2014 by

Twenty-Three-Year-Old Man Sues Dentist For Pulling Thirty-Two Teeth

In a case that has been ongoing for several years, a twenty-three-year-old Missouri man is suing his dentist for pulling thirty-two teeth that did not need to be pulled.

The patient claims that he was suffering from a tooth abscess, and so he sought the help of his dentist in 2009. Upon examining his patient, the dentist determined that all of his teeth should be extracted. He informed his patient that if he didn’t go through with the massive extraction, he would be at risk for blood poisoning, which would be fatal. The following day, the patient returned to the dentist’s office, at which time X-rays were taken of his teeth.

After the procedure was finished, the patient learned that his X-rays showed that twenty-eight of the teeth had been in good condition, and only one of the teeth showed a treatable abscess. Years later, the patient is unable to wear his dentures because they do not fit properly. Implants cost more than $130,000.

Unfortunately, this case appears to have occurred because it was determined that the patient’s mother had a credit card that could be used to pay the large amount of money for the extraction.

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