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Posted on April 7, 2020 by

Vanessa Bryant, The Widow Of Kobe Bryant, Sues The Helicopter Operator Over Fatal Crash

Kobe Bryant was a sports legend, a giant, and an icon. And now he is the central figure in a wrongful death lawsuit being brought by Vanessa Bryant against Island Express Helicopters and the family of the pilot responsible for Bryant’s death.

According to submitted court papers the pilot, Ara Zobayan, was negligent in his piloting of the nine passengers.

Zobayan, who was the company’s senior pilot, ignored poor weather and continued on with the flight, despite the unsafe flying conditions. Thick fog reduced visibility and the helicopter was not equipped with a terrain alarm which would have alerted the pilot to the fog-hidden hillside.

Bryant’s council is submitting the claim that the company did not provide adequate training in poor weather flying and that they should have retained the authority to ground the flight due to the weather. Their negligence in not exercising proper leadership directly led to the death of her husband, daughter, and seven other people.

While Bryant’s death is a tragedy, it isn’t something that happens beyond our own lives. While it may not be by helicopter, most people travel and will face potential dangers.

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