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Posted on July 23, 2013 by

Woman Dies in Fall from Six Flags Coaster

A family outing to Six Flags Over Texas near Dallas turned tragic last week when a woman fell to her death from the park’s premier ride, the 14-story high Texas Giant roller coaster. Riders seated directly behind the woman said she “flew out” as the ride went over a bump and swept around the first curve. Bystanders said they heard her screaming as she fell. The woman’s two children, who were on the ride with her, became hysterical, crying over and over, “We have to go get my mom.”

According to news reports another woman waiting in line behind the woman and her family heard her tell a park employee that she didn’t think her seat harness was properly secured. The employee reportedly told her, “As long as you heard it click, you’re fine.” Obviously, she wasn’t.

A family outing to Six Flags is on the summer agenda of many St. Louis families. Amusement parks have an obligation to provide a safe premises and well-maintained rides for their visitors and train employees in ride safety. Had the Six Flags Over Texas park employee physically checked the mother’s restraints when she complained, she might be alive today.

When an employee’s conduct contributes to an individual’s death, the victim’s family or estate may have cause to bring a wrongful death suit against the amusement park company. When tragic event occur, before settling with insurance companies the victim’s family or estate should consult an experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney about their rights.