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Posted on April 17, 2014 by

Woman Kidnapped And Forced To Be Getaway Driver For Shoplifter

Imagine getting into your vehicle in the mall parking lot and preparing to drive home after a long day of shopping. Suddenly, your passenger side door opens, and a woman you don’t know gets into your car, threatening you and ordering you to drive away as quickly as possible.

That’s exactly what happened to one shopper, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website. The article states that the woman was a shoplifter who had been with a friend in one of the stores in the mall. When a security guard approached the women, one of them sprayed him with pepper spray. They ran from the scene, and separated.

One of the women fled to the parking lot, where she forced another shopper to drive her to a different location. She was picked up by someone driving a white van.

Fortunately, the driver was not harmed. However, this was a very traumatic experience, and this situation could have gone much worse. As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we want to remind you that an injury can happen to you at any time, and in any situation.

If you are placed in a dangerous situation by someone who has committed a crime, and especially if you have been injured, you deserve to be compensated. Don’t hesitate to contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney for a consultation.