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Posted on August 27, 2015 by

Woman Killed By Runaway Truck

When you’re out with your family and are enjoying the evening, you can’t always prepare for what might come. Accidents happen all the time and some of those accidents occur because of someone else’s negligence.

An article on KSDK tells about an accident that happened Thursday evening in Emerson, GA. Police said that a man, his wife and children were traveling home in their Toyota Tundra on Highway 41 when a runaway semi truck slammed into their vehicle. The mother was killed on impact. The father was taken to a local hospital with non- life threatening injuries and the children were taken to a children’s hospital where they are in stable condition, but are expected to survive. The father said he didn’t see the truck rolling until it hit them.

The driver of the semi truck is a 52 year old man from New York who was doing a safety inspection on his truck at the time of the incident. He forgot to put the parking brake on the truck, which caused his truck to roll, though, he was not inside it. Upon performing a field sobriety test, responding officers found the driver to be under the influence; they suspect drugs, not alcohol. They later charged him with multiple charges.

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