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Posted on December 20, 2012 by

Wrong Way Driver Travels over 11 Miles on a Missouri Interstate

According to a recent story reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a 78 year old man was traveling for over 11 miles the wrong way on Interstate Highway 44 in Southwest Missouri. The man was initially spotted by Missouri State police Tuesday evening.  The officers attempted to accurately track his progress by traveling the right way on the other side of the interstate. The troopers finally managed to get the elderly man to stop but not before his wrong way travels caused two minor accidents involving other vehicles on the road.

The man was questioned but had no real excuse for his actions.  He claimed that he simply turned onto the wrong side of the road but decided to just keep going so he could get home. There is no information available yet as to whether alcohol or any other form of intoxication may have played a role in this incident.

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