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Posted on December 24, 2019 by

6,600 Cases Of Nursing Home Neglect Went Unreported, Here’s What You Should Know

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who has been abused, you're right to assume that the incident has been reported correctly. But unfortunately, cases of elder abuse and neglect are often not reported according to federal requirements. This is a problem that we'd like to dive into a little deeper today. 

What Does the Law Say About Reporting Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse?

According to federal law, when seniors on Medicare have been abused or neglected in nursing homes, the facility is required to report the incidents. An audit by the Health and Human Services inspector general's office took a closer look at cases in which the patient was taken from the facility to an ER.

HHS determined that about 6,600 of these cases were not reported, as they are mandated to be. This works out to about 18% of all cases. 

What Happens When Nursing Home Neglect Goes Unreported?

When patients are abused in nursing homes, the federal government hits those facilities with hefty fines when the cases go unreported. Without a doubt, these facilities are attempting to cover up their actions, but they need to be brought out into the open. 

Can St. Louis Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys Help You?

Do you have a loved one who has been abused in a nursing home? Your St. Louis nursing home neglect attorneys are here to help. Please contact us.