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Posted on December 26, 2019 by

Officer Who Was Known For Playing ‘Russian Roulette’ Hit With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Over the years there have been many wrongful death lawsuits filed in St. Louis. This city has certainly seen its fair share of tragic losses. But none of them is quite like the case that involved three St. Louis police officers and what turned out to be a fatal game of Russian Roulette

St. Louis Police Officer Faces First-Degree Manslaughter Charges

The three police officers were at one officer's apartment at the time of the incident. One of them was not complicit and warned the other two that they shouldn't be playing with guns. But the other two officers continued to play the game.

The trigger was pulled a few times until finally, the defendant in the case pointed the gun at the other officer's chest and fired the shot that killed her. The third officer had left the apartment, but was close enouth to hear the gunshot.

The officer is facing involuntary manslaughter charges in the first degree. His conviction could land him 3-10 years behind bars. 

After a Tragic Loss, Contact Your St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorney

This story is so tragic, and the deceased officer's family deserves justice in this case. Your St. Louis wrongful death attorney is available to help you and your family if you have lost a loved one. You deserve to be compensated for that terrible loss, and we will fight hard on your behalf. Contact us today.