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Posted on May 12, 2015 by

Should Cameras Be Allowed in Nursing Homes?

As our loved ones age, making the decision to care for them at home or put them in a nursing home or other assisted living facility can be a long and difficult process. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially with the rising risk of nursing home abuse.

Nursing homes are increasingly understaffed and overworked causing nurses, nurses’ aides and other nursing home employees to feel pressure to get the overload of work that is put on them done before their shift is over. This can cause neglect, which is failing to meet the basic needs of the patient, and abuse of the patient. Because abuse can be defined in many different ways and the state holds these facilities to a high standard, it is often hidden.

What can be done about this? A new Missouri bill currently being heard by a House committee will allow residents to put cameras in the rooms of nursing homes. Instead of sitting back and waiting for it to happen again, this could be a proactive approach to combating abuse and neglect in these facilities. However, opponents of the bill are expressing concern about privacy issues.

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