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Posted on April 12, 2018 by

Your Car Accident Settlement – What to Expect Part Two

Statute of Limitations
The statute of limitations during which St. Louis personal injury attorneys can file civil suits for auto accident claims in Missouri is 5 years. However if the suit is for wrongful death, it is limited to 3 years.

Settlement Awards
Settlements vary based on accident severity, typically including:

– Vehicle Damage: “Reasonable” costs of repair/replacement.

– Lost Property: Personal items lost.

– Injuries: Negotiated separately from property damage, injury settlements are determined by insurance, medical costs, including hospital stays, medications, medical equipment, physical therapy, lost wages and the extent of injuries as per a medical professional.

– Pain & Suffering: This claim requires medical treatment and release by a doctor, and includes past and FUTURE discomfort. Insurance will only pay out ONE settlement, so this should be carefully reviewed prior to filing.

How Much Will You Receive?
Because each accident is unique, there is no flat ‘formula’ or percentage basis to estimate accident settlements. Often the largest determining factor for settlement amounts is pain and suffering as the result of an accident. Insurance companies will try to settle pre-trial for an amount they feel is closest to the amount a jury would award.

If you were injured as the result of someone’s driving negligence, you have the right to return your finances and life to the condition they were pre-accident. Contact the St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman for a free consultation today.