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Posted on April 17, 2018 by

Road Rage Incidents – What to Know and Do

Road rage incidents are nothing new. Unfortunately, there are angry drivers on the road who could end up causing you serious injuries if an accidental or deliberate collision occurs. How should you handle incidents of road rage if you encounter them? Use the following tips to protect yourself and reduce the risk of injury.

Keep in mind that St. Louis personal injury attorneys can provide you with legal assistance if you do end up getting hurt.

Try to De-escalate the Situation

Road rage drivers only become angrier if you respond to them with rudeness or your own display of anger. This can cause the situation to escalate, which increases the risk of a collision. If you encounter this kind of driver, try offering a short, friendly wave instead of blaring on your horn or shouting at them. This might be enough to cool the other driver down and prevent them from getting angrier.

Get Help from the Police

If the other driver is still furious and starts following or threatening you, let them know that you’re calling the police. Don’t get out of your car at all, and avoid going directly home if they still follow you. Instead, drive to the nearest police station for help and safety.

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