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Posted on October 29, 2015 by

Caramel Apples Lead to Four Interstate Deaths

Caramel apples seem to be a favorite among children and adults alike. A fruit surrounded by sugar seems to be a happy marriage. Except when those caramel apples are causing sickness in multiple states, making people sick and even leading to death.

ABC News reports that health officials have warned consumers to not eat caramel apples. They have linked the apples to a multi state listeria breakout. The CDC reported that 10 states have been affected, affecting at least 28 people with the disease. Five of those people died. Being extremely cautious, the CDC has said for consumers not to eat any prepackaged caramel apples during their investigation. The outbreak has infected people from North Carolina to California and in all age groups, ages 7 to 92.

Of those who died, there were three children who developed severe meningitis. Nine of the cases of sickness involved a pregnant woman or newborn. Fifteen of eighteen said that ate prepackaged caramel apples before they got sick.

Listeriosis occurs when the listeria monocytogenes bacteria is ingested. It can cause harm especially in the older, pregnant and anyone with a compromised immune system. Some of the symptoms are gastrointestinal problems, fever and muscle aches. It can lead to much more severe diseases, such as encephalitis and meningitis.

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