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Posted on November 3, 2015 by

Parade spectators killed by a driver under the influence

When you’re with the family, you’re focused on having fun. You usually don’t think about what can happen during your time together. You especially don’t prepare for the worst.

There was no way the spectators of the Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade could prepare for what was to happen. St. Louis Today reports that on Saturday morning, four people were killed and 47 injured while watching the parade. A woman drove her car into the crowd, sending people flying through the air. Those killed were a 23-year old woman, a 65-year old woman, a 65-year old man and a 2-year old boy.

The driver of the vehicle, 25-year old Adacia Chambers was arrested and charged with DUI. The police have yet to determine if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Chambers’ father said he couldn’t believe his daughter did this. He claimed she was timid and not an alcoholic. He also said she had been to festivities for homecoming the night before and was back home by 10.

While this a story from Oklahoma, it made national news and is something that could happen here in St. Louis. No one expects or prepares for something like this to happen, but, it can help you to know what to do after it does.

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