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Posted on October 15, 2015 by

Cardinals Fan Robbed and Shot

Baseball is called “America’s past time”. Millions of people enjoy watching the sport every day at ball fields across the US without giving a second thought to the security of the park. When something happens to a fan in or near a stadium, it makes people take action to make their event more safe.

On September 15, Christopher Sanna went to a Cardinals game with his girlfriend, siblings and mom to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Having to work Saturday morning, Sanna and his girlfriend left the stadium at the beginning of the ninth inning. A dark colored sedan drove up to the couple, demanding their belongings. His girlfriend gave him her purse and then they turned, trying to run away. The man fired several shots toward them, hitting Sanna in the back. It shattered his spine and while doctors say that his spine may repair on it’s own, to some degree, Sanna will most likely be paralyzed for life.

This has raised the question of adequate security for Cardinals games. While the Cardinals hire off-duty police officers, some question if there are enough in the area of the stadium. The police chief has said he will allow more officers for the stadium, especially for the post-season playoffs.

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