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Posted on May 24, 2012 by

CDC Updates Cost of Injury Reports Application

The CDC website has an application that an injured person can access to estimate what their injury will cost them. They have updated work loss estimates and have corrected unit medical cost estimates for injuries treated at emergency rooms for patients released after treatment. Average costs for fatal injuries listed by body part involved are now listed on a per person basis. These changes should help advise Americans what can be expected when an injury occurs and give them cause for reflection on how the injury will affect their future.

The sudden injury brought on by an accident can be devastating. An injury in the home may have been caused by a faulty product or food with E coli, salmonella or some other toxin that can come from food that should not have been sold. Work related injuries may be mitigated by insurances but the lingering effects may have been prevented if the employer or other employees involved had been more careful.

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