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Posted on May 23, 2012 by

Jury Awards Injured Trucker $11.4 Million Due to Product Defect

A jury has awarded $11.4 million to Raymond Mariolle, a truck driver who injured his back when the wheel of his truck collapsed.  Mr. Mariolle, a driver for Waste Management Co.  required several surgeries after sustaining compression injuries to his spine.

Suit was brought against the manufacturer of the hub that broke, Volvo Truck, the company that built the cab and chassis, and the designer of the truck.  Mr. Mariolle’s suit alleged that these defendants knew the hub was defective, overloaded and failed to warn drivers or the public.

Mr. Mariolle attempted to return to work at Waste Management, but was physically unable to do so.  The defendants tried to argue that Mr. Mariolle’s ongoing back pain and disabilities were the result of a prior back injury and not from the incident with the truck.

At the close of all the evidence, the jury determined that the wheel hub, the cab and chassis and truck were all defective and had caused Mr. Mariolle’s injuries.

In arriving at their verdict, the jury determined Mr. Mariolle’s damages to include lost past and future wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.  The jury also awarded Mr. Mariolle’s wife, Regina Mariolle, damages for her losses.

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