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Posted on May 31, 2012 by

Construction Worker Dies in an Auto Accident

A car hit a truck on a road construction site in Fairview Illinois on May 22.  One worker was killed as a result of the accident and two others were injured.  The injured workers and the driver of the vehicle were airlifted to St. Louis University Hospital.

The workers were standing near a truck that was hit by the oncoming vehicle as they were preparing to start making pavement markings.  A witness said the car was driving erratically before the crash.

There are many considerations when a crash like this occurs. The area has to be secured and safe for all the workers. Roadwork can be hazardous but there are factors that can make this type of work even more dangerous. Things like improper marking of the construction zone and inattentive drivers can both be major contributing factors to unnecessary injuries to workers on roadway construction sites.

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